Tractor Trailer Brakes

One of the most critical components in any vehicle is the braking system. Big vehicles require tractor air brakes, or air-powered brakes, to keep everyone on the road safe. This article will take an in-depth look at tractor brakes in big diesel vehicles and how they work.

How To Know It’s Time To Replace Your Forklift Brakes

You can’t afford to let your brakes fail on any vehicle that you will be operating. When it comes to your forklift brakes, you have to inspect them daily for proper functioning.

Mechanical vs. Hydraulic Brakes: Everything You Need to Know

Confused how to choose between mechanical vs. hydraulic brakes? When you’re trying to decide which type of disc brake is best for your particular application whether it be utility

How Do SAHR Brakes Work?

Brake manufacturers are continuously redeveloping brake technologies to meet the needs of vehicles with increased speeds and weight. Spring applied hydraulically released brakes (SAHR)

Frey Brake – Dedicated to Safe Agricultural Braking

Frey drum brakes, disc brakes, and wet disc brakes are utilized in numerous applications to safely control a wide variety of agricultural equipment.

New 180×30 Cam Brake

Frey Brake Company has released a new 180×30 cam brake for production. The brake was developed in conjunction with a customer who was redesigning a military trailer.