Company Profile

Our company, which started its activities in the Pınarbaşı district of İzmir in 2008, has started to work on the production of Hydraulic Brake and Clutch Centers and has carried its production to more than 300 models.
Our company produces Hydraulic Brake and Clutch Centers for Passenger, Light Commercial, Tractor and Construction Machinery sectors which follows the ever-changing and developing technology, continues its production in computer-controlled CNC benches.
Our company, which provides work and education opportunities to our young people who are educated in art schools as well as our experienced staff, works on the basis of quality, customer satisfaction and timely delivery principles, and finds buyers for 70% of its production in the foreign market.
The biggest advantage of our company, which works to increase our product range day by day, is the possibility of producing in minimum batches of 100-150 units. Our company, which specializes in Hydraulic Brake Centers, Clutch Centers, Brake Cylinders and Brake Limiters, has the knowledge and technology to produce all types in these product groups has.
İmza Automotive, which delivers its products to the domestic and international markets with the Frey and Effe brands, also meets customer demands with its special brand works.